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Climate Change

In November 2019, the Trump Administration submitted a request (1) to withdraw from the Paris Agreement (2) on climate change, rejecting decades (3) of planning between 100+ countries to curtail global warming. This lost America its spot at the negotiating table, while the rest of the world moves to remake the global economy. Trump also refuses to support the Green New Deal (4), which would guarantee new high-paying jobs in clean energy industries. 
During Obama's tenure, the U.S. led the world by fighting to achieve the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change (5). Biden promises to make the United States a leader again by rejoining (6) the Paris Agreement, and inciting global action by integrating climate change in U.S. foreign policy and national security strategies. Biden seeks to invest $1.7 trillion to ensure that the U.S. achieves an 100% clean energy (7) economy and net-zero emissions by 2050. 

Environmental Conservation

Trump has repeatedly exploited and harmed U.S. land in order to strengthen the fossil fuel industry and line his own pocket. This has included removing or weakening protections for almost 35 million acres of federal land, an area the size of Florida (8). He also removed the offshore drilling safety regulations (9) that were implemented to prevent oil spills like the BP Gulf Disaster (10).  
Biden has promised to take action against fossil fuel companies and other polluters (11) who are knowingly harming people and the environment for the sake of economic profit. Biden supports emissions limits (12) and a system which requires the polluters to bear the full cost of the carbon pollution they are emitting. Biden will also subsidize farmers to implement conservation methods on their land.

Acting on Scientific Findings

Trump has dismissed (13) the National Climate Assessment’s central findings (14) that carbon dioxide emissions are in fact caused by human activity, contribute hundreds of billions of dollars in economic damage, and must be brought quickly to zero in order to prevent worldwide catastrophe. The Trump administration has also restricted the type of research that can be used to draft regulations, a measure that experts say amounts to one of the government’s most far-reaching restrictions on science (15). 
Biden has understood the urgency of the climate crisis for decades, urging Congress in that “...even a small rise in temperature could disrupt the entire complicated environment that has nurtured life as we know it”. In fact, he introduced the first-ever climate change bill in the Senate, the Global Climate Protection Act of 1986 (16). Today, he has recognized the U.S.'s need to embrace “greater ambition on an epic scale” (17) in response to the climate crisis. 

Creating Sustainable Economic Opportunity

Trump has eliminated (18) the previously set targets for vehicle fuel-efficiency, a move condemned by much of the domestic auto industry, which will cost the economy 60,000 jobs, and add $190 billion to Americans’ health costs by 2050 (19). In addition, Trump repealed the Obama administration’s signature environmental achievement, the Clean Power Plan (CPP), which was remarkably popular (20) with companies and investors, including Google, Microsoft, eBay and General Mills.
Joe Biden supports ending the $20 billion of direct taxpayer subsidies (21) given to fossil fuel companies every year, but does not support a ban (22) on fracking or natural gas. Joe Biden's plan for creating an economy built for the future includes creating "10 million well-paying jobs in the United States that will grow a stronger, more inclusive middle class enjoyed by communities across the country, not just in cities along the coasts" (23).