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Donald Trump on Climate

Trump has exploited and harmed U.S. land in order to strengthen the fossil fuel industry and line his own pocket. He has allowed (1) offshore oil and gas drilling in nearly all federally-owned lands, including the Alaska Wildlife refuge, reversing (2) Obama’s efforts to protect U.S. Oceans and Great Lakes. He also removed (3) the offshore drilling safety regulations that were implemented (4) to prevent oil spills like the BP Gulf Disaster.  He is the only (5) president to strip away protection from more acres of public land than he has protected, removing (or in the process of weakening) protections for almost 35 million acres (6) of federal land, an area the size of Florida.

Trump Refuses to Combat Climate Change, Affecting Diplomacy and the Economy. In November 2019, the Trump Administration submitted (7) a request to withdraw from the Paris Agreement (8) on climate change, rejecting (9) decades of planning and cooperation between more than one hundred countries to curtail global warming through greenhouse gas reductions. This lost America its spot at the negotiating table, while the rest of the world is moving to remake the global economy. Trump also refuses (10) to support local measures to fight climate change, including the Green New Deal (11), which intends to bolster (12) the economy by guaranteeing new high-paying jobs in clean energy industries,

Donald Trump Rejects & Suppresses Scientific Findings, Threatening our Climate and Environment. He has dismissed the National Climate Assessment’s central findings (13) that carbon dioxide emissions are in fact caused by human activity, causing hundreds of billions of dollars in economic damage, and must be brought quickly to zero in order to prevent worldwide catastrophe, saying “No, no, I don’t believe it” (14). The Trump administration has also made moves to significantly restrict (15) the type of research that can be used to draft environmental and public health regulations, a measure that experts say (16) amounts to one of the government’s most far-reaching restrictions on science (17); making it easier for Trump’s  E.P.A to discard studies to weaken and repeal existing health regulations.

Donald Trump Gives Handouts to Big Oil, at the Expense of the Economy and Public Health. In 2017, Trump repealed the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan (CPP), which would have prevented up to 3,600 premature deaths (18), 90,000 (19) asthma attacks in children, and 1,700 (20) heart attacks each year each year by lowering pollution from power plants. The CPP was remarkably popular (21) with companies and investors, and 365 companies (including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, eBay, Nestlé and General Mills) urged (22) Trump NOT to repeal the legislation, as the CPP would provide them with more, cheaper, energy options. Moreover, the Department of Energy has concluded (23) that the CPP could reduce consumer energy costs. Trump’s plan (24) to replace the CPP, according to his own EPA, will cause more than 1,400 (25) additional early deaths and 48,000 (26) new cases of asthma each year due to higher levels of air pollution.

The Trump Administration has Exploited the Covid-19 Pandemic, using Emergency Powers to Reverse Basic Environmental Protections. In June, 2020 he signed (27) an executive order to allow energy and infrastructure projects to bypass environmental laws like the National Environmental Policy Act (28) and Endangered Species Act (29); a month later, he weakened (30) the National Environmental Policy Act to speed up permitting process of freeways, power plants and pipelines, in "the single biggest giveaway to polluters in the past 40 years" (31). He has eliminated (32) the previously set targets for vehicle fuel-efficiency, which is predicted to result in nearly one billion (33) more tons of greenhouse gas emissions over the next 5 years; it is a move that has been recognized (34) as "the worst thing Trump has done for climate change". Trump loosened (35) restrictions on mercury emissions--a powerful neurotoxin, especially deadly (36) to fetuses; and has allowed (37) most factories and power plants to report their own law breaking, rather than upholding mandatory safety-checks. Additionally, the Trump Administration has prioritized the vitality of the fossil-fuel industry in the midst of the economic fallout from Covid-19, giving more than $50 million. (38) of taxpayer money to fossil fuel corporations rather than the struggling small businesses that these PPP (39) loans were intended to support.