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The Covid-19 Pandemic

Instead of coordinating a national response to Covid-19, President Trump ignored (1) his own cabinet, saying "it will just go away" (2). He stated that testing is "overrated" (3), and promoted (4) potentially-lethal treatments to the virus, such as injecting disinfectants and drinking bleach. And during the pandemic, his administration slashed (5) CDC funding, withdrew (6) from the World Health Organization, and stopped (7) funding thirteen federally-run testing sites, just as new Covid-19 cases were peaking. 
Biden's Covid-19 response plan (8) ensures that no individual would need to pay for testing, treatment, preventative services, or any eventual Covid-19 vaccine. His plan calls (9) for paid emergency leave (while ensuring that employers will not bear the additional cost) and will establish a federally-coordinated contact tracing workforce. Biden will expand (5) unemployment benefits, and extend unemployment compensation to caregivers, gig workers, and independent contractors who have faced reduced pay and hours. 


 Trump promised (11) to repeal the ACA (12), yet he hasn't come up with a replacement plan that wouldn't increase (13) premiums and reduce (14) coverage options.  He advocates the nullification of the ACA in a manner that would deny (15) coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, and throw 23 million (16) Americans off their insurance plans (in addition to the 7 million (17) Americans now uninsured under Trump. 
The Biden Campaign has vowed to build. (18) on the ACA, establish (19) a public option, and lower (20) the eligible age of Medicare to 60. His public option will cut (21) costs using collectivized purchasing power, compete against private insurance companies, and require no co-payments for primary care. These reforms will be paid for by repealing (22) Trump's tax cut, and increasing (23) the capital gains tax on those making over $1 million annually.

The Opioid Epidemic

In 2019, Trump announced more than $1.8 billion (24) in funding to combat the opioid crisis. However, his efforts to roll back the ACA and Medicaid coverage have undermined (25) efforts to increase access to substance abuse treatment. Moreover, Trump ultimately pulled $2.5 billion (26) from the Defense Department’s drug interdiction program to fund the construction of the border wall. Only 93 miles (27) of wall had been built thus far-- 90 miles of which replaced already-existing border structures. (14)
Biden hopes to make "effective prevention, treatment, and recovery services available to all” (28) through a $125 billion (29) federal investment. This investment will double (30) community health center funding and allow (31) Medication Assisted Treatment to be available to all of those suffering from Opioid addiction. Biden plans to give communities the tools needed to prevent and respond to overdoses, while accelerating (32) the development of less addictive pain medications. 

Veteran's Health

The Trump administration left millions of dollars dedicated to suicide-prevention efforts unused (33), and funneled billions of dollars into private care unprepared (34) to deliver high-quality healthcare to address the issues facing veterans. Trump's administration also exacerbated (35) the VA’s staffing problems by gutting (36) labor protections and employee benefits, thus jeopardizing (37) the quality of veterans' health care, Moreover,  Trump likely knew (38) Russia was offering bounties to the Taliban to kill American troops for months, and did nothing. 
As Vice President, Biden helped decrease veteran unemployment by 50% (39). During his term in office, Biden pledges to “create safe, modern, clean, and recovery-oriented housing for veterans being treated for [addiction] and those who are homeless” (40). He promises to dramatically increase (41) VA mental health services, and to create a $5,000 tax credit (42) for informal caregivers of wounded, ill, injured, or elderly veterans.