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Joe Biden On Climate

Biden Promises to Fight the Climate Crisis, Address Environmental Injustice, and Revitalize the U.S. Energy Sector With $2 Trillion Climate Proposal 
Biden intends to lead the global response to the climate crisis by going above and beyond the climate policies of the Obama-Biden administration and investing $2 trillion (1) dollars over four years to reach a 100% emissions-free power sector by 2035 (2), and net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 (3). His plan aims to upgrade 4 million buildings (4), and weatherize 2 million (5) homes over the course of four years to improve national energy efficiency and boost climate resilience. His proposal seeks to rebuild crumbling infrastructure, thus creating jobs and helping facilitate the shift (6) towards greater reliance on public transportation in U.S. cities. His proposal also includes (7) funds to create an Environmental and Climate Justice Division within the Department of Justice to fight for environmental justice across the country. 

Biden Promises to Prioritize Climate in Domestic and International Policy
Biden recognizes the gravity of the climate crisis and believes the Green New Deal is “a crucial framework” (8) for meeting our current climate challenges while simultaneously spurring economic growth. He also promises (9) to rejoin the Paris Agreement on climate change, an achievement of the Obama-Biden administration, and fully integrate (10) the Agreement's goal of dramatically reducing Greenhouse gas emissions into all facets of his foreign policy, national security strategy, and trade. But Biden's focus on the climate is nothing new. As Vice President, he believed that fighting climate change was “the single most important thing” (11) he and Obama could do while in the White House, and, during his eight years as Vice President, they tightened (12) fuel-economy standards, advanced (13) clean energy, struck (14) climate deals with foreign governments, and enacted (15) carbon-emission rules on power plants to change the way that energy was produced in the U.S.

Biden Introduced the First-Ever Climate Change Bill in the Senate, Solidifying his Reputation as a Climate-Change Pioneer
Long before he served as the Vice President of the United States, Biden had the reputation (16) of being a climate-change pioneer in Congress. He introduced the first-ever (17) climate change bill in the Senate-- the Global Climate Protection Act of 1986 (18), which called (19) for a national policy by the EPA to plan for the mitigation of global warming and called (20) on the president to make climate change a higher-priority item in the U.S.-Soviet agenda. Moreover,  Biden has supported innumerable climate-forward bills during his 36 years in Congress, including the one in 2007 (21) that called for higher fuel efficiency standards for motor vehicles, and one in 2003 (22) that pushed for caps on Greenhouse gas emissions.

Biden Vows to Create Policies in Order to Take Action Against Polluters
Biden has promised (23) to take action against the fossil-fuel industries and polluters who are knowingly polluting communities' land and water, and concealing information about health risks for the sake of economic profit. He wants (24) to limit the emissions of these polluters using an enforcement mechanism that requires the polluters to bear the full cost of the carbon pollution they are emitting.

Biden's Rural Agenda Supports American Farmers While Fighting Climate Change
Biden's plan for rural America is centered on his ambitious goal (25) to reach net-zero emissions in the U.S. Agricultural sector while ensuring continued income for farmers. He plans (26) to pay farmers to store carbon in the soil and expand (27) the Department of Agriculture’s Conservation Stewardship Program (28), which pays farmers to implement conservation methods on their land.