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Joe Biden on Jobs

Biden's Tax Plan Seeks to Increase Taxes. on Upper-Income Americans and Revitalize the Middle Class 
Joe Biden’s economic plan for America focuses on revitalizing the middle-class. He wants (1) a pro-growth, progressive tax code, under which 93% (2) of tax increases would be borne by taxpayers earning approximately $170,000 (3) or more a year (the top 20% of households), while the top 1% (4) of households would pay nearly 75% (5) of the tax hike. Biden intends to raise the top income tax rate back to 39.6% from 37% (6), and raise the top corporate income tax rate to 28% from 21% (7). These tax proposals are projected to increase revenue by $4 trillion (8) between 2021 & 2030. 

Biden's Economic Plan is Designed to Promote American Manufacturing and Create Jobs
Biden's economic plan (9) revolves around two strategies: "Buy American" and "Make it in America," which seek to revitalize American manufacturing and increase demand for American products and services. To achieve this, Biden has allocated $400 billion (10) as a procurement investment to purchase products made by American owners, and promises (11) to bring new financing tools, incentives and resources to American manufacturers. He also wants to spur American innovation with a $300 billion (12) investment in research,  development, and new technologies, thus boosting high-quality job creation in technology and advanced manufacturing. 

Biden Supports Federal Student Debt Forgiveness for Lower-Income Americans 
Biden wants (13) to forgive federal student debt related to undergraduate tuition for those who make less than $125,000 (14) annually and attended public colleges/universities, historically black colleges/universities, or underfunded, minority-serving institutions. He has several other federal student debt proposals (15), including the immediate cancellation of at least $10,000 (16) of student debt per person, forgiving (17) the remainder of student loans after 20 years with no additional tax burden, pausing (18) monthly payments and interest of those earning less than $25,000 per year, and capping payments at 5% (19) of income for the rest, as well as additional federal loan forgiveness of up to $50,000 (20) over five years for those who participate in public service. 

Biden's Comprehensive Covid-19 Response Plan Prioritizes American Families
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused unemployment rates to soar to levels not seen since the Great Depression; the IMF predicts U.S. economic output to drop 5.9% (21) in 2020. But Biden has developed a plan (22) to mitigate this economic fallout, with a focus on American families. He would maximize (23) Medicaid enrollment to ensure that no person would have to pay out-of-pocket for Covid-related medical visits, and provide (24) full funding for the National Disaster Medical System to reimburse healthcare providers directly. His plan (25) would provide emergency paid sick leave and care-giving leave to all workers, reimbursements to employers, and direct payment to workers whenever necessary. He also intends (26) to increase federal funding for the Social Security Administration to facilitate the distribution of emergency paid leave funds, and build a permanent paid-leave benefit program. Moreover, his plan promises (27) unemployment relief for reduced pay and hours, food relief programs for struggling families, an increased Federal Medical Assistance Percentage for the Medicaid program, support for childcare, small- and medium-sized business loans, relief/forbearance of federal student loans and federally backed mortgages, among many other initiatives to help the American people (8)