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Summary of Differences






Rather than putting in place a national response to COVID-19, President Trump ignored his own cabinet (1), saying "it will just go away" (2) and “I think testing is overrated”. Trump has also attempted (3) to repeal the ACA several times, but has never been able to produce a replacement plan that would not dramatically increase premiums, and cut coverage rates. 
Biden's COVID-19 response plan (4) ensures that no individual would need to pay for COVID-19 testing, treatment, or any eventual vaccine; will expand Emergency Unemployment Compensation (5); and will release federal guidelines. The Biden Campaign has vowed to build on the ACA, institute a public option, and lower the eligible age of Medicare to 60 (6).


Trump has significantly clamped down on legal immigration and asylum seeking. The 2018 “zero-tolerance” policy separated approximately 5,500 migrant children (7) from their parents. At least seven of these children died in custody due to poor conditions. Only 93 miles (8) of wall had been built so far, and 90+ miles of that replaced existing structures. 
Biden will focus deportation capacities on immigrants who have committed serious crimes, and will not use for-profit detention centers. Biden intends to honor asylum agreements and admit 125,000 (9) refugees annually. Biden released a plan for Central America which promises $4 billion (10) to address the issues that are leading to mass migrations to the U.S.


Trump has moved (11) to withdraw from the Paris Agreement (12), losing America its spot at the negotiating table,  while the other 189 countries remake the global green economy. He also removed the safety regulations (13) implemented to prevent oil spills like the BP Gulf Disaster (14), and repealed environmental programs popular (15) with companies and investors.
Biden will invest $1.7 trillion dollars (16) over 4 years to create the 10 million jobs necessary to reach a 100% clean energy economy, and net-zero emissions by the year 2050. His proposal centers on building an economy for the future, with an "inclusive middle class enjoyed by communities across the country, not just in cities along the coasts"(17).


The Congressional Research Service (18) found that Trump's signature legislative achievement—the TCJA—slowed economic growth, will cost taxpayers $1.9 trillion, and largely benefited the ultra-wealthy. While Trump began a trade war to end “unfair trade practices” with China, American consumers are bearing the brunt of the added costs (19).
Joe Biden wants a pro-growth, progressive tax code (20), under which 93% of tax increases would be borne by taxpayers earning $170,000+ a year. While re-establishing relations (21) with our allies, Biden hopes to boost American production with a $700 billion (22) procurement to purchase U.S.-made products and invest in technological research. 


Under Trump multiple departments have announced (23) they will not enforce regulations banning discrimination based on gender identity. One-third (24) of Trump's life-long judicial picks have explicitly anti-LGBT records, and some belong to organizations the SPLC (25) has designated as hate groups. 
If elected, Biden would enact the Equality Act,  (26) which will “guarantee that LGBTQ+ individuals are protected under existing civil rights laws."  Biden will help women enter the workforce by instituting universal pre-k (27). He will federally ban (28) conversion therapy and those convicted of a hate crime from purchasing (29) a firearm.


Trump has run (30) on a campaign of racial division, and refused to disavow purveyors of hate. After the death of a protester in Charlottesville, Trump called Neo-Nazis “very fine people”(31), and has retweeted (32) 145+ accounts pushing conspiracy or racist content. Trump proposed a 100% cut for the Office of Environmental Justice (33).