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Vice President Summary of Differences


Mike Pence


Kamala Harris


As Governor, Pence failed to act upon a HIV outbreak (1) that occurred, rebuking CDC recommendation for a needle exchange program though later doing so. According to a Yale study(2), his late response caused 90% more infections.  He has been a strong voice against the Affordable Care Act (ACA) (3) and voted numerous times to repeal it. 
Harris was the co-sponsor(4) of Medicare-For-All legislation, and has focused on racism in maternity care, introducing the Maternal Care Access and Reducing Emergencies Act which provides grants (5) for bias trainings in med schools and create pregnancy homes to help new mothers. Though she had obtained jail sentences against 1500 young (6) men for marijuana possession as DA, she now supports (7) legalizations.


In 2004, Pence voted for HR 3722 (8), which would have required hospitals to report undocumented immigrants to ICE. Once calling it unconstitutional, he is now a supporter of the Muslim Ban (9). He blames the Democrats for Migrant camps (10). As Governor, he attempted to block Syrian refugees by cutting off federal aid (11) to resettlement agencies.
In the Senate, Harris introduced nine bills (12) from prohibiting the Department of Homeland Security in using federal funds to build facilities to reuniting separated families, though none has passed. In 2018, she was one of three democrats (13) that voted against a bipartisan bill that would have traded border-wall funding for a path of citizenship, killing the bill. She has also publicly backed providing medicare (14) for undocumented Immigrants, and voted to lift a cap (15) on skilled immigration. 


Mike Pence, the largest recipient (16) of Koch Brothers money, is a signatory on their “No Climate Tax”(17) pledge. He disagrees that climate change is the result of human-activity. As Governor, he defied (18) President Obama’s Clean Power Plan which aimed to place a cap on emissions from plants. He has received a 4% lifetime score (19) from League of Conservation voters. 
As AG, she fought against companies violating environmental regulations such as opposing Chevron’s (20) refinery expansion in Richmond, and sued SoCal Gas (21) for methane leaks.  Though she has taken donations in the past, she refuses to do (22) so anymore from the fossil fuel industry. She has co-sponsored Climate Equity legislation (23) and supports the Green New Deal. She has received a 91% lifetime score (24)  from the League of Conservation Voters. 


As Governor, Pence oversaw a 0.4 percent GDP (25) growth compared to 2.2 nationally. Both Carrier Corp and United Technologies Electronic Controls closed their plants, moving to Mexico and costing Indiana 2,100 Jobs (26). In 2007, Pence voted against (27) raising the minimum wage to $7.25, and the stimulus package passed under Obama.  In January 2019 the US had over 7 million (28) jobs unfilled, but under the Trump/Pence pandemic response that number increased to there being 17.8 million more job seekers (29) than openings,
Harris is a staunch supporter of Labor Unions (30). Has co-sponsored both the Protecting the Right to Organize Act and Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act, which bans state “right to work” laws. She worked with the White House to negotiate more aid for COVID, and introduced the COVID-19 Whistleblower Protection Act which protected federal workers if they notified regulators of misspending and/or workplace rules that endangered health (31). 


Pence has actively opposed Planned Parenthood (32)  throughout his career, signing eight anti-abortion bills during his four years as Governor. He has voted against Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act (2009) (33) which protects wage discrimination. His administration sued in the Supreme Court to repeal workplace protections (34) for Transgender Americans, and banned them from joining the military. He has also voted agains the Employment Non-discrimination Act (35) in 2007, believing the Act violates freedom and religion in the workplace. 
As Attorney General, she refused to defend (36) the state’s same-sex marriage ban in the Supreme Court. Before that, as District Attorney, she created a Hate Crime Unit (37) to investigate & prosecute anti-LGBTQ violence, and successfully organized in CA to end the gay & transgender panic defence.   However, she has taken responsibility (38) for her office denying transgender inmates from receiving surgery.


On Juneteenth (40) 2020, when asked by journalists if he will ever publicly say “Black Lives Matter”, Pence responded by saying “All Lives Matter’. As Governor, Pence signed into law House Bill 1019 which requires all Indiana law enforcement to store audio and video footage for at least 190 days (41), which caused a decline in body-cameras due to costs. 
As Attorney General, Harris implemented bias training for police officers (42) in California, but has also avoided intervening (43) in cases involving killings by the police. Harris created a “Back on Track” (44) program in CA to allow first-time drug offenders to get a high school diploma and a job instead of prison time.  Harris has introduced the Justice in Policing Act (45) to hold police accountable, change the culture of law enforcement and build trust.