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Small Businesses

Martha McSally has worked closely with small businesses throughout her term. She recently supported an increase in funding to the Payment Protection Program for small businesses. When she was named to the Economic Task force in the wake of COVID-19, she prioritized communicating with small businesses to hear their concerns. She has also fought for less banking regulations for small businesses contained in the Anti-Money laundering and Bank Secrecy Act, and is in support of community banks.
Mark Kelly believes small business are the backbone of Arizona. To support them, he wants to reduce barriers to capital that they can receive. He also wants to make the Small Business Administration more accessible, highlighting the need for it to reach rural communities. To achieve this accessibility, Kelly is in support of community banks and Community Development Financial Institutions to help rural areas have access financing t for their businesses.

Other Economic Issues

Martha McSally vocalized concern over the US national debt, and wants to work on decreasing it. She believes that the US needs to control its reckless spending and not pass on trillions of dollars financial burden. McSally is against stimulus spending, and is in support of a Balanced Budget Amendment. She is also supportive of paid leaves for working parents, as she thinks people should not have to choose between family and career.
Mark Kelly is committed to fighting for middle and working class Americans. He wants to be held accountable by his constituents, and therefore will not take corporate PAC funding from his campaign, only private donations. Overall, Kelly wants to stop tax breaks often given to large corporations and wealthy individuals that are worsening the national debt. He also wants to invest in research and development and infrastructure-- things he believes will have long term benefits for the US economy. In addition, Kelly recognizes the importance for economic development of tourism, the military, and trade.

COVID-19 Relief Packages

As COVID relief funds continue to be negotiated, Martha McSally is in support of an expansion of unemployment benefits. She wants to focus on aiding those who have been furloughed or lost their jobs due to the crisis. McSally would also like to see relief packages contain aid for research, testing, and production of vaccines, money for hospitals, and school resources, as well as for local services (e.g. first responders and law enforcement).

In June, McSally introduced a bill that would provide tax-breaks for AZ families who take vacations during the pandemic, saying this would help support the tourism and hospitality industries. 
In the wake of COVID-19, Mark Kelly urges the federal government to provide direct relief funds to local governments, including areas like Tempe, Scottsdale, Payson and Page that are in danger of budget shortfalls for essential services. Kelly has prioritized having close contact with mayors of such cities and towns during this crisis, and also has spoken strongly for a need for both political parties to work together to solve the issues caused by the pandemic. 

Kelly specifically called out the federal government for its delay in providing much needed funding for the Navajo Nation, calling it "inadequate and weeks-delayed." In an interview with AZ Family, Kelly cited how the Native-American communities have so often been financially unsupported by the government, despite previous treaty agreements, and that it is time for those systems to be reformed.