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Healthcare Reform

Kelly supports a public health care option that would compete with private insurers in lieu of Medicare for All. He advocates for taking on the pharmaceutical industry to lower prescription drug costs and cracking down on bad actors responsible for the opioid epidemic.

Kelly says that those with pre-existing conditions should be covered with insurance they can afford and criticizes McSally for voting for the AHCA, which eliminated protections for those with pre-existing conditions.
McSally opposed the Affordable Care Act (ACA)and voted to approve the American Health Care Act of 2017 (AHCA) which repeals some parts of the ACA, including the individual and employer mandate penalties, and changes Medicaid to reduce federal spending. She has also supported a lawsuit that is going before the Supreme Court in November that proposes repeal of the ACA. 
McSally has said she is committed to protecting those with pre-existing conditions but has been criticized for voting for the AHCA which eliminated that protection promised by the ACA. 

COVID-19 Response

Kelly has said that the pandemic is a global problem that won't be solved by blaming foreign powers. Instead he advocates international collaboration. He has urged Congress to provide direct aid for Arizona’s local governments to avoid furloughs and  COVID-19 related budget shortfalls.

Kelly advocates federal COVID-19 relief money for the Navajo Nation, which is one of the country’s COVID-19 hotspots, criticizing tribal relief funding as delayed and inadequate. Kelly also advocates wider use of the Defense Production Act (DPA) to instruct companies to manufacture health care equipment and protective gear for medical professionals.

McSally has blamed China and the World Health Organization for the outbreak of COVID-19 and introduced a bill to allow Americans to sue China over COVID-19. She also co-wrote the Securing America’s Vaccines for Emergencies (SAVES) Act, which seeks to reduce U.S. dependence on China for medical supplies by amending the Defense Production Act.

McSally has advocated a second relief package including more money for hospitals and schools, financial aid for testing and vaccine research and production, as well as more support for small businesses. She also introduced a bill that would provide income tax credits for people who take vacations through 2022 in an effort to stimulate the economy.

Veteran Healthcare

Kelly, a veteran, believes we need to improve and expand our support systems for veterans, including providing better healthcare and reducing veteran homelessness by expanding funding.
McSally, a veteran, has worked to improve veteran health care while in office. She introduced the Veterans Post-traumatic Growth Act to expand mental health treatment options for veterans to seek innovative therapies to combat PTSD and other mental health issues. She also advocates better veteran suicide data collection and legislation to reduce suicide rates.